Thursday, September 13, 2012

Forward to the future!

While I was taking a brief hiatus due to my move and just a recharge of my batteries, lots of weird and interesting things happened in the world of baseball, though I suppose none weirder than the fact that as of this writing the ORIOLES ARE IN FIRST PLACE OF THEIR DIVISION!  Just nucking futs as the kiddies say.

Well, as such I’m going to take some time to comment on a few items I find the most interesting in a small brief segment I like to call “Around The League In Eighty Days”  Editor’s note: It won’t actually be 80 days.  More like 3 or 5.

Topics I plan to cover include:

Poking fun at Bobby V!

Taking My Favorite Catcher to Task!

Dodgers/Sox Mega Waiver Deal!

Strasburg’s Shutdown!

And more.

Hopefully I can find my groove again.  If there are any other ideas for topics, give me a heads up.

By the way, according to Toyota, Eli Manning is GOD!  Who knew?

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