Tuesday, January 1, 2013

....And the rest

Work is picking up steam post-New Years, so I figured I'd just cover the rest of the big names on the ballot right now and give a brief explanation for my choice:

1) Edgar Martinez- Yes.  I never understood the DH argument.  It's an everyday position, not like a LOOGY or a pinch hitter.  Martinez wasn't really a bad defender in his time, either, just moved to DH due to injury.  He was an incredibly talented hitter as well, posting a 418 OBP in his career and hitting over 500 doubles and 300 HR.  Deserves induction any day.

2) Fred McGriff- Not quite.  Crime Dog, to me, is the most borderline player on this ballot.  But my feeling is that if McGwire isn't good enough, McGriff isn't good enough.

3) Larry Walker-Yes.  Dude OBP'd 400 in his career, with a 965 OPS.  Absolutely belongs in.  You can talk about the Coors effect as much as you want, doesn't change the fact that Walker was a great hitter with Montreal before he moved to Coors.

4) Don Mattingly- No.  He is close to me, but just sapped of how great he would have been due to his back.  Had that not happened, he would have been inducted already.

5) Rafael Palmeiro- Yes.  Even without traditional benchmarks, he was a great hitter for a long time.  Steroids will keep him out, but I would still vote for him

6) Bernie Williams- No.  Crappy fielder, decent hitter.  Played a lot in the spotlight of Yankee country, making him slightly overrated.  Was a very good, but not great player.

7) Dale Murphy- No.  I know he was a premier player of the 80s, but that doesn't make him an all time great.  Just like Bernie.

Those are the big names.  My ballot for 2013 would look like this:
Barry Bonds
Roger Clemens
Mark McGwire
Sammy Sosa
Larry Walker
Edgar Martinez
Raffy Palmeiro
Mike Piazza
Curt Schilling
Craig Biggio

I want to put Smith on there too, but there isn't enough space.  Maybe swap out Walker for him.

That's it from me.  Let's here from you.

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  1. How could I forget about Bagwell? Let me edit this down better:
    1) Bonds
    2) Clemens
    3) Bags
    4) Piazza
    5) Mac
    6) Smith
    7) Edgar
    8) Walker
    9) Schilling
    10) Biggio