Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Plot Twist on MLB Tonight

Harold Reynolds gets something wrong!

OK, not as good as Nicole Kidman being a ghost or Rosebud being a sled.  Still, something I like to make note of.

"Matt Moore is a lot like Cliff Lee."

Cliff Lee since "reinventing" himself (2008-12): 7.7 K/IP, 1.4 BB/IP, 147 ERA+

Matt Moore in his five total career starts: 8.4 K/IP, 4.5 BB/IP, 90 ERA+

Moore has been so much worse than Lee in those five starts it's unbelievable.  Now, small sample alert on Moore, of course, and he will most likely improve.  When he does we can revisit this.  Until then, this isn't even close Harold Reynolds.  In fact, if I'm Cliff Lee, I sue for defamation of character.  But, they're both left handed.  So that's something going for him.

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