Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Something that makes me happy

I figured since most of my posts are of the "bashing stupid things that people say" variety, I'd post something that makes me happy.

There are some players this year that are rebounding back to levels they have been at.  Two I just want to highlight here:

Adam Dunn.  Last year hit 11 HR with a line of 159/292/277 for a tidy 56 OPS+.  That's pitiful.  So pitiful, I'm sure White Sox fans were ready to castrate him and Kenny Williams for signing him.  This year, he's back to Adam Dunn levels of 241/381/565 for an awesome OPS+ of 155.  He's also leading the AL in walks (24).  This just brought a tear to my eye to see him back to his high levels, mostly because he is my mom's favorite player.  I hope he keeps it up.  Would love to see another 5 or so years of a 380 OBP and 35 HR seasons from him.

The other is David Wright.  I think David Wright is the most underrated player in New York, probably because the Mets have been sucky these last couple of years.  He put up a 116 OPS+ last year, having an OPS under 800 for his first time.  He had some injuries last year and only appeared in 102 games.  Now that he's mostly healthy, he's being the masher we all know and love (375/479/552, 191 OPS+!!) and should continue to put up really good numbers.  (Yes, I'm willfully ignoring his 429 BABIP.  Even if it normalizes to his 340 career average he'll still be a big time masher.)

Point is, these guys are great players.  They just had clunky years last year.  It happens sometimes.  Lets hope for both of them to have great careers from here on out.

(There--I can be nice too!)

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