Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Houston, you have a problem

I know I'm above titles like that, but don't judge me.

Alright, so Cards/Astros series.  I’m old enough to remember when these series actually meant the division being up for grabs.  In any case, I was looking at the Astros lineup and I saw something interesting.  Hitting third was Fernando Martinez.  I know that batting order doesn’t matter much, especially when you look at who is in the lineup, but seriously.  According to, his minor league stats were 279/337/452.  Went to BR to check out information about his team and league, and he hit well in the PCL league (where everyone does) but other than that he was a pretty average at best bat.  The kid’s 22 or so, so he definitely has time to improve, but you really want a kid batting third and giving you those numbers at best?  That’s a 789 OPS.  Decent, but not mind blowing.  That would be the equivalent of a guy like Lou Whitaker or Max Bishop or Charlie Jones hitting third for you.  Is that really the best idea?

No.  It is not.

Shame on you Houston.  SHAME ON YOU!

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