Monday, April 23, 2012

In a world where sucking makes you good.

Ron Gant on MLB Tonight about the Twins:

"They've been playing really good baseball of late."

The Twins are 3-7 in their last 10, 5-11 overall.

Want to rethink that adjective there Ron?

Added: Harold Reynolds: "You'll trade an out for a run anytime."  No.  The only time you trade outs for runs are:
1) Pitcher at the plate and you're almost guaranteed the out anyways.

2) It's the winning run.

3) It's late in the game and one run could be what decides the game.

In every other situation you never want to trade an out for anything.

Welcome to the Revolution Harold and Ron!

EDIT: Then they mention that Greinke wasn't allowed to pitch pivotal games on the road in the postseason.

NLCS Game 5

I guess the series being tied 2-2 with the chance to head home with the series lead isn't pivotal enough?


  1. There's no dearth of poor broadcasting work at the national level. The Fox team that had Saturday's Yankees/Red Sox game was firing on all cylinders with their stupid comments. The game was filled with little but praise for Doubront, touting him as an ace despite it being his first start going 6 full innings in the majors, and only his 3rd start since 2010.

    The only other talking point that the broadcasters could come up with was explicitly discussing how they feel Freddy Garcia should be replaced in the rotation by David Phelps, and responses that would imply that the comment had been veiled in some way. I'm not an English major, however I can't think of a way to be more direct than saying "Freddy's looked awful so far, I really think they should give David Phelps, and he's looked phenomenal so far, a shot in the rotation."

    I'm not going to try to make excuses for the Yankees; Doubront pitched well, but he didn't show me that he's an ace, and having a consistent 1.500 WHIP so far in parts of 3 seasons, he's going to give up runs, and he's going to look bad at times. He is not now, nor do I expect him to be by the end of this season, the east coast rendition of King Felix.

  2. Why is Timmy Mac getting the Broadcaster's award in Cooperstown? Who votes for this thing?