Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh I'm so glad that Ozzie is back

Ozzie Guillen has returned after a suspension due to his mouth.  Now, he says something that is really dumber than his previous comments.

"(The bullpen) is what makes a good or bad manager," Guillen said.  "Today I am a genius."

How many errors do you spot in that last sentence?  The overall sentiment is correct, which is what kills me about this quote, but who would ever agree with Ozzie Guillen being a genius?  I dare you to give me an example of him being a genius on any day.  And don't give me that 2005 World Series victory.  That was a fluke because his philosophy was totally backwards.  They rode an extremely over-performing pitching staff to a luck World Series win.  Ozzie had nothing to do with it.

Sorry for the crass tone, but the thought of Ozzie Guillen being called a genius by anyone, even himself, makes me feel dirty inside.  I need to take a shower now.

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  1. Ozzie is for all intents and purposes 50% Yogi Berra and 50% Manny Ramirez. I like Ozzie, not necessarily as the manager for my team, but I enjoy having him in the league.