Saturday, April 28, 2012

Someone's insane here

And I bet it isn't me.

I was looking through some old news on the St. Louis PD earlier today, where I found this gem from a Rick Hummel article.  Usually when I post things like this, I end up making fun of the author.  But in this case, Rick didn't do anything wrong.  However, Lou Susman almost did.  And I think he should be institutionalized for it:

McCarver revealed that he had been offered a chance to be Cardinals general manager in 1985 by Lou Susman, who was running the Cardinals’ front office at that point. But McCarver said he just had signed a four-year extension to continue as one of the New York Mets’ broadcasters.

Tim McCarver.  Being a GM.  For a Major League Baseball team.  Predicted record: 20-142.

Fun assignment kids at home: In one minute, list as many people as you can who would be a better GM than Timmy McCarver.

Here's what I got:

1) Charles Manson
2) Joe Buck
3) Me
4) Foment
5) My First Grade teacher Mrs. Fritzen
6) My mom's mother
7) George Washington
8) Jon Lovitz
9) Alex Trebeck
10) Pat Sajak
11) Bob Barker
12) Abe Lincoln
13) Harriet Tubman
14) Rupert Murdoch
15) Burt Reynolds
16) Sean Connery
17) Nicholas Cage

Feel free to add to it below.


  1. Tiny Tim
    My 2 year old grandson Niko
    Jesse Helms

    I almost choked when I read this, Tim McCarver as a GM is a terrifying thought and it really scares me to think that a person in an orginizational management position would actually entertain such a thought.

  2. Dan Quayle,Sarah Palin, Paris Hilton !!!!

    1. McCarver's concept of foreign policy experience probably isn't much better than Palin's, but I don't know that he'd totally out do her managing anything more complex than his own sock drawer.

      That aside:
      John Sterling
      Suzyn Waldman
      a McDouble
      Kurt Russel
      Kurt Russel's alter ego Snake Plissken
      (this is the only one I have any doubts about) Omar Minaya.

  3. a bologna and cheese sandwich
    a 3 yr old girl on a bike with training wheels
    my cat
    a bottle of ibuprofen
    my buddy "pants", who knows nothing of baseball
    dog the bounty hunter
    my fiance
    a pasta strainer
    hopes and dreams
    the hot pierced girl at burger king who took my order yesterday