Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scrappy Whiteness will lead to a World Title!

If you’re a San Fransisco Giants fan, you have to be pretty excited right now.  One of your pitchers is in danger of posting the worst season ever for a starter, and it isn’t Barry Zito (who actually is putting up an OK season, not good but not piss poor either).  In the offseason, your GM picked did a great job by picking up a second baseman that has a scrappy-whiteness factor (SWF) of 3 (the lower the better).  For a frame of reference:

Darin Erstad: 0
David Eckstein: -5
Adam Kennedy: 5
Barry Bonds: 1000
Albert Pujols: 1400

Wow, Bonds really was not very scrappy....or white for that matter.  Pujols moreso.  Maybe all those people whining about him not running out grounders had a point.

And, as an added bonus, handed the starting SS position to another guy with a great SWF of 3.  You’ve got a scrappy scrappy middle infield!  And, as a surprise to no one, you’ve got a league average offense.  What is surprising to people is that it’s mostly on the strength of Melky Cabrerra, but also because of Buster Posey and The Panda.  Now that Panda is hurt, your GM decides to get even scrappier and whiter by picking up....Marco Scutaro.  SWF of 0.  Scutaro, while playing for Colorado posted an OPS of 684.  That’s a terrible terrible number, even for a scrappy white guy.  In Coors, he had an OPS of 793, which is pretty good for a guy at 2B and SS most of the time.  But, away from Coors, his OPS drops to 570.  And you’re going to put that in that cavernous ballpark in San Fran?

Is everyone thinking what I am?  San Fran just became the favorite in the NL.  And it’s not due to their 4th best pitching staff in the NL which has allowed the 5th fewest HR.  No.  It’s due to the scrappiness of their lineup.  Just watch.  The NL West will be dominated by this great scrappy team and they’ll march on to their 2nd title in 3 years.

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