Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Who really got snubbed?

OK, rosters have been announced for The Midsummer Classic Waste Of Time That For Some Reason Doesn’t Reward The Best Players And For Some Stupid Reason Determines Home Field For The World Series.  And, as always, people are upset about some of the snubs.  This is the year of the pitcher, and as such there are mostly pitchers that had good or great first half performances and didn’t make it.  Madison Bumgarner from San Fran (and Vogelsong for that matter), Johnny Cueto from Cincinnati and Zack Greinke from Milwaukee as well as AJ Burnett from Pittsburgh all have their beefs with either their fellow players or the system.  Someone who people have been whining about, in a very strawberry sweet ironic way, is Brandon Phillips.  Phillips is the best defensive second baseman in the NL, no dispute.  But this game is as much about defense as the Pro Bowl.  Unless you’re a big flashy guy like Torii Hunter (highly overrated) or Ozzie Smith (best ever), then who cares about your defense?  Fans want to see offense.  And, Phillips is a good offensive player.  But let's look at it:

Phillips who is an All Star Snub:

283/327/441, 103 OPS+, 10 HR, 35/16 K/BB

Some Random Bum Not Deserving For All Star Consideration From Arizona:

300/359/512, 128 OPS+, 11 HR, 45/25 K/BB

That’s some pretty ballsy whining from people about Phillips.  Not saying Uggla should be the starter, he shouldn’t, but how can you campaign for him, but ignore Aaron Hill?  This is just total homerdome from die hard Reds fans as well as their announcers and their manager, taking their last shots at Tony La Russa for a long standing feud.

Get over yourselves.

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